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Techno Producer Naltroc Invites You to "Joyland" in new EP

Brooklyn artist Cortland Mahoney surprises us with his new EP "Babes in Joyland". It features four new tracks focused around the genres of techno, rave and trance.

"Shift", the first track, starts off with an ironic stadium organ before the synth solo takes over but still sounds organic like "Black Moth Super Rainbow". The second track, "Tubes", gets a little grittier before an addictive carnival like loop gets in your brain and then the techno drums hit just right."Sister" brings the sparkle and then drops us into the vast expanse of space and time as it disintegrates around us. "Empath", the last track, is totally different, drawing texture and sensuality from an industrialized "Brian Eno" vibe before slinging the hardest bass drop of the EP. Waves of synths subtly tug at the mood. It is definitely my favorite track because it is the most experimental!

For now "Babes..." is located exclusively on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Go listen now!

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