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Lttl by Lttl

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Practice makes permanent. The hustle is real. The hard work is absolutely paying off for Western New York EDM artist "lttl" who's been crafting his mark as producer over the last two years.

Jeremy, the man behind the music, dropped a surprise new track this last Friday March 5th for Bandcamp Friday. It's called "spent". EDM fans looking for a slow jam to relax with that's heavy on the wavy and drippy feels are in for total satisfaction. The track was inspired by a synth sample and features JoshRoyce. What we experience is a seriously lush landscape of synth warmth and spicy hi-fi percussion complimented by edgy vocals and moody tone.

It's exactly what you need to listen to as you're winding down your day. Go listen.

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