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The Heartbreak EP from AIRXKING

"The Heartbreak EP" from Buffalo, NY producer AIRXKING is an electronic instrumental lofi synth mixtape. All artists seem to have a heartbreak album but this one vibes hardest.

There are lots of elements and influences here to unfold including hip-hop, neo-soul, vaperwave and of course J-Dilla. It's low-key mellow, chill and a bit sophisticated. I find it goes great with scotch!

"Cold Fries" moves us into this sound world with airy precision and cascading synth sequences. It's the easy sell, followed by "LaLaLand" with it's moving bass-line and thick synth strings. The middle track "Pocki Time" goes for an acoustic intro followed by 80s vibes tones and reverb. "Long Goodbyes" is zesty with a really crisp 8bit inspired drum tone and a satisfying fade out. The EP wraps up with "lostmymind" a downtempo meditation. The snyth melodies throughout the EP are tight and intuitive and full of great moments that push this far beyond just another lofi mixtape.

There's an atavistic spirit of youthful ambition that also adds a spin on the traditional concept of a heartbreak EP. Curl up on your couch and hit play on "The Heartbreak EP". Go listen.

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