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Jacob Resch "Soul" Vibes

I got too used to hearing Indiana songwriter Jacob Resch with his acoustic guitar and rock band, but still, the indie pop vibes of his new single "Soul" should come as no surprise. Does "Soul" foretell Jacob's new musical direction?

Baby blue eyes? Tan Lines? Yup. This is going right to my summer vibes playlist! It's a summer love song. It's slow house vibes that make me imagine sunsets. It's synth pads and sine waves that shine like neon lights at the boardwalk and the beach. I'm so ready for summer vibes.

Shout out to Nashville producer Ken Baumann with the excellent mix! Jacobs main vocal and harmonies and all the little extra bits and echos here and there are balanced so well. Those small details make this track really standout as different and whole.

Can we talk about the chair really quick? This cover was photographed by Indiana artist Tyler Zoller. I get the neon colors, the vibe, I love the shadows, the vibe, yes, got it. But I only just noticed- It's a chair! It's cool! But also kinda weird. Is it a metaphor? I'm not sure...

Jacob sites 2020 as a period of transformation prompting "The best music I've ever written". He also began hosting his own podcast "The Loose Screw" streaming on all platforms.

Could there be an album of indie pop songs from Jacob Resch appearing this summer?? The signs would seem to say yes and Jacob also says yes. Did I mention I'm excited for summer? Until then, dig "Soul". Go listen!

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