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Odyse Drops Two New Singles

Odyse drops two new EDM tracks, "Poised" and "Rough Seas" streaming exclusively on Bandcamp. Experimenting with sound, synthesisers and recording techniques is a constant practice for producer Nick Coratti. These new tracks seamlessly mix lo-fi, trip-hop and break-beat with acoustic elements and lots more to entertain your brain.

"Poise", which dropped in September, is runway-esque with a downtempo hip-hop beat. The editing reminds me of "Pretty Lights". Cosmopolitan city vibes move us through this piece. Space and light are mixed in well too, woven like a blanket. It's just what I needed to help move past this world wide ennui.

The most recent track, "Rough Seas", dropped on Oct 4th. The first 13 seconds set the scene with a bit of cello, flute and bells before the bass and back beat wash over me like a heat wave. I feel like I'm standing in neon light. The bass is great. This track is hip. A quick break towards the finish to sample some political rap before an even harder breakdown, and then fades out...

Nick hasn't released an album since "Ornithogalum" in 2017 so I really hope this is leading up to the next Odyse beat-tape. Until then, stream his new tracks exclusively on Bandcamp!

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