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Hussalonia "Nondum In Auge"

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Every Hussalonia album is like ripping open a special gift. Under this wrapping is a hip retro rock rhythm section and a healthy dose of musing. "Nondum In Auge" translates to "not quite at it's zenith" which is a metaphor for both the uncertain political nature of the United States and the Hussalonia Founder's prolific and largely under the radar musical catalogue.

This group of songs, released in September of 2020, was actually recorded in 2018, long before ascending to our current political climate but perhaps there was no better time to drop than now! These songs are about emotional and political turmoil, lack of conviction and lack of closure, or as he sings it "the air-borne illness of real life". This 36minute EP is focused on a live sound featuring drummer Rob Lynch and bassist Jonathan Hughes mixing the sounds of rock-and-roll, 60's psychedelia, and Americana. At times it sounds like "The Cure", Brian Wilson or "Of Montreal" and at others Andrew Bird or Andy Shauf. The Hussalonia Founder's delivery and tone of voice shines through and the lyrics are cerebral, full of irony, light and humor.

Not much is known about "Nefarico" the fictional soap company that finances Hussalonia but perhaps while the US is at its most divided Nefarico could be facing similar internal issues. I often worry that Nefarico is operated by a dictator. I also worry that having produced this article I've added myself to the Nefarico hit list. The Nefarico secret police, if such a thing exists, may start a file on me...

"Nondum In Auge" is streaming everywhere now.

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