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Songwriter Kerflugidy's New Album "Somewhere Between"

Buffalo, NY songwriter Zoë "Kerflugidy" Maya strings together a great set of DIY songs on her new album "Somewhere Between", her first album since "Typewriter Repairs" in 2015. She experiments with texture and story telling featuring her trademark ukulele, electronic dance beats and rich vocal harmonies. Her sound vibes with St Vincent and Tuneyards.

The collection kicks off with "Mirror Mirror" which is simple, minimalistic and really funky. There are hints of her barista life percolating in "Coffee and Lemon Juice". Her songs start to get more visceral and brutally honest. Synth strings and lyric flow make "Breakaway" a personal favorite. "Fuck You Ice Cream Truck", previously released as a single, borders on the surreal and the absurd and the ironic reverse effects on "Falling Down the Up Escalator" are really fun and make the chorus pop. "Get Out" and "To Thinking Rationally" tie the message together that you have to be ready to prune what you don't need in order to grow.

"Somewhere Between" is already streaming wherever music is streamed!

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