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Peach Luffe "Golden Parachutes"

Drop what you're doing and hop in to Peach Luffe's new single "Golden Parachutes", streaming everywhere now. Try as I might to resist this gooey pop music treat I can't help but be taken for a ride... everything harmonizes so well I can taste the cotton candy spaces between the harmonies and... is that a flute? Sweet tooth magic!

Jong Lee is on a roll right now with 4 singles and an album released in 2020 alone. If you haven't heard "Shimmer", the album he dropped at the end of July you're missing out on a sublime singer-songwriter bliss trip. Teaming up with producer Michael Friedman is opening up Jong's mix so we can hear the light spaces between his thoughts like an impressionist painter. They first teamed up for 2019's single "On My Side" and 2020's album "Shimmer".

Jong and I went to the same college but I really met him when I recorded with him in 2017. What caught me was his eagerness and excitement for creativity and existing in the present moment, an asset which clearly helped him when he moved to Toronto shortly thereafter.

Can't wait to float away on the next tasty single!

GOLDEN PARACHUTES is streaming everywhere now

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