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Jeff Barile's new rock album "The First One" lays it all out on the rocks

I love being impressed by a new artist and Jeff Barile's new album "The First One" is definitely impressive. At times the music feels earthy and grungy and at others totally serine, a cool balance that's tough to pull off just right, but Barile brings the heat.

My personal favorite tracks include "Horus" for it's blending of dark and light and "Both Ears Open" for it's folk rock pocket. Tracks like "You're Listening" and "A Dream Like State" are meditative and sublime and really stand out in the context of the other tracks. "Fox Den", with it's harmonies and heavy hitting halftime feel could really vibe with some "Fleet Foxes" albums.

The sound of this album reminded me of bands such as "Modest Mouse" or even "Led Zeppelin". Tracks like "Willow Tree" are like "The Doors" at their rock and roll prime. It also reminded me of a few of my friends projects such as "Filthy Gorgeous" and "Pizza Donuts".

Jeff Barile is from Elmira, NY his favorite color is purple. "The First One" is streaming everywhere now!

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