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Jacob Resch tightens the "Loose Screw"

Indiana songwriter Jacob Resch starts his own podcast, opening up new opportunities in a time of otherwise closed doors. I met Jacob at a gig upstairs at the "Elbow Room" in Chicago a few years ago and we've kept in touch since. His charismatic personality is perfect for hosting a podcast!

Combing back through the now 18 episodes unveils a lot of topics to choose from. Anything is on the table because the conversation grows so organically and the discussion leans toward personal experiences. Jacob is unafraid to experiment. The show has already gone through one re-branding. Some of my favorite episodes so far include Ep. 13, a deep dive on the legacy of Mac Miller and Ep. 12 featuring Jacob's girlfriend Danielle to discuss the haunted history of historic Charleston.

The latest episode, which was posted last Friday, features an interview with myself! I talk about my upcoming projects, the challenges of working as a musician and even share a small sample of a track I've been working on!

All episodes are available now to stream on all platforms~


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