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Checks and Balances

It's different hearing "Freak Show Cabaret" with piano accompaniment. Like most of us, I have only ever heard Sophia Lucia perform live with an acoustic guitar in her lap. This new collaboration with Baptiste Le Goc is something unique in her repertoire.

The piano's adaptability lets us really dig into the syncopation of Sophia's words. Although this is heavily polyrhythmic we shift between meters with a special breeziness. Baptiste Le Goc channels Chopin, the blues, and a little Elton John. Sophia swirls the sensibilities of Erykah Badu, Jack Kerouac and Yoko Ono together like cookie dough ice cream. This song paints a picture of surviving while navigating the web of capitalism and bureaucracy that sits precariously atop a peak of absurd uncertainty. Hang in there.

Sophia's approach to song is a unique and really great experience. Go listen.

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