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"Virtual Van Voyage Tour" Just Getting Started

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

When the apocalypse hits you get in your van, bring your guitar and drive across the country. Start at Yellowstone Park, drive south to Mormon Park, add Vegas, The Grand Canyon, New Orleans and more, and record a new music video at every stop, as well as the occasional skate vid. That was the road map for Jameson and Danni when they set out from home over a month ago.

This celtic folk duo Clover's Curfew from Long Island is comprised of Danni Christian on violin and mandolin and Jameson Jenkins on guitar and foot tambourine. They both sing, write and bring so much energy you forget that it's just two people! Since they teamed up a few years ago they have been unstoppable together, threading through the genres of acoustic, folk, punk and more.

They call it their "Van Voyage" because they are saying goodbye to Long Island for the duration of their journey. Today, October 8th, Clover's Curfew posts from North Carolina against the beautiful backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains singing "Old No.7" a cover of The Devil Makes Three. Recently they sang "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White" by The Standells at the old abandoned Los Angeles Zoo. They also visit the Grand Canyon to sing "Where is My Mind" by the Pixes. Last week they were in Orlando singing their original song "From My Throne". When I asked where they'll be going next they wouldn't tell me. The thing is, they don't know either.

In July, before they hit the road, they dropped their music video for "This Island" which personally, as a Long Islander that moved away from home, I vibe with. Yes, it makes me nostalgic. Earlier this week I wrote about "The Rust Belt Brigade" from Buffalo, NY and I've always thought they should organize a show or some sort of collaboration with Clovers Curfew. Just throwing that our there as well!

Follow @cloverscerfew on Instagram. Listen to Clover's Curfew wherever music is streaming now!

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