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Folk-star Victor Castillo sings his "Space Cowboy Heart" out

When we last left indie-Americana musician Victor Castillo he moved out to Colorado marking the transition from "Rust Belt Brigade" frontrunner to solo singer-songwriter. This Friday morning he releases "My Space Cowboy Heart" featuring two new tracks to further assert his aptitude as a soloist.

He starts off with "This Ain't My Song" a lilting ballad about interpersonal relationships. Is it more stripped down than I'm accustomed to hearing Victor or I am I actually being deceived? The layering of contrapuntal guitars is smartly composed as he experiments with new textures and tones, especially in the guitar solo and outro.

"Conning the Cosmos" picks things up a bit with a romping indie bar song. I'm drawn back to "Stardust", an early song in his catalogue, and I'm getting "Father John Misty" vibes overall. Victor sounds great in the chorus bending vocal tones in the lower register over some strongly melodic electric guitar lines. It's a charming reminder of our small place in the big picture and one of those fun songs that will float back to mind when I least expect it...

This is certainly an indication of a powerful new direction for Victor's upcoming releases. "My Space Cowboy Heart" is streaming everywhere today!

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