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You'll Find TV Temple

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

TV Temple was the first band I heard when I turned on my car and drove to work. It's a sunny day here in Chicago, I barely needed a coat, but what really warmed me up were TV Temple's summer vibes. Good morning world!

The song I heard this morning was "You'll Find Love", the latest single from the Austin, TX duo of Emma Barrigan on drums and Ben Root on guitar. They describe themselves as "the world's first and only Beach-Alt band". They both sing. "You'll Find Love" is laid back cool with a splash of slide guitar and just the right amount of organ and back-up vocals. Funny, that's the same recipe I use to make mojitos in the summer!

The other song produced by TV Temple is called "I'm Not Like That" and the music video and the song are fabulous. It's surf rock paradise full of fun guitar riffs and guilty pleasure lyrics to belt in the car on a long highway drive. But what I love most about both songs are the positive messages of self acceptance, self love and self expression.

I'll go so bold as to say listening to TV Temple is a transcendent experience. Now you have to go listen.


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