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Updated: Mar 25

What do you give as tribute? Tributary is fluid, transient and temporal. Tributary is flower, dirt and roots. Organic / natural.

"Tributary" is the 3rd installment of the Undead Doctor Scott series. This EP actually started in December 2023. I was trying to create a winter EP that sampled prior winter EPs. This is where the track "Ceramic" started. The sample came from last years “This Winter EP”. Unfortunately it's the only track I had time to make for that project (I was really busy with Second City shows) and I ultimately wouldn't release a winter EP for 2023 (even though I created one every year since 2015). 

So in early February I began to intentionally create what would become "Tributary". What became "Frisbee" started by total chance while Ashlyn Quintus and I were setting up to create a some voice and piano demos. We improvised a sound check. Rather than separate the tracks for piano and vocal I treated them as one sample. The melody I created reminds me of Erykah Badu.

"Wildflower", uses a sample from my friend Cristian Hurtado's project called "Small Sanctuaries”, specifically "Angel's Trumpet" from the "Moonflower" EP. I tried to highlight each of the unique textures from this 6minute track. Notice the bell tone that sustains through the bridge section. Emma Parssi is using this track to create a dance film with Echo Modern Dance Collective that will drop this summer. Stay tuned for that!

After locking in these tracks in early February I had to travel for Second City performances in Bloomington IL, Marion IL, Oberlin OH, Ft Lauderdale, Aventura, FL and Memphis, TN. After returning home to Chicago I gave the EP a quick remix and master. The album art, a remix of a picture of oysters I got in Florida, inspired the organic titles. 

I am so very stoked for the April EP. I’ll write another post then. Happy full moon 🌙 

Dr Scott

Full Moon March 23rd 2024

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