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Flowering Branches debut single "Blossom and Decay"

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Signs of spring include the debut single from "Flowering Branches". This modern quartet from Long Island performs live at "Loud Soft Loud Studios" in Newburgh, NY. The group includes Tye Granger on tenor sax, John Francke on bass, Alex Kaufman and drums and band leader composer Peter Iannacchino on the guitar.

This debut single packs a punch. It's jazzy (there, I said it). Comparisons include Julian Lage, ADHD and maybe even a little Christian Scott (that means it's got rock and alternative influence too). It's primary language is the driving latin 3/4 6/8 hybrid rhythm that nudges all listeners into gentle lilting movements. Taking in all of the lush guitar tone, edgy sax and high intensity drums is like smelling your coffee in the morning and having something to wake up to and this mix has all the little details pressed right up against my face, right where I want them. This is nice.

Blossom and Decay is the little dose of energy I didn't know I needed. It's like medicine.


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