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Mela Collective Rolodex

It's just a list of all our contacts from our various affiliated music scenes just free for you to use. Please use respectfully! On this list you'll find musicians, artists, producers, venues and other people you'll benefit from knowing in cities across the globe, but mostly New York and Chicago. The Mela Collective rolodex is an on going project that will never be finished and was never officially started.  

GENERAL DISCLAIMER; This database is entirely unauthorized and subject to change. If you see your information displayed publicly on this list that you don't want seen send an email right away to If you don't see your information displayed publicly on this list and that's something you actually really want send an email right away to

SECOND DISCLAIMER; The rolodex is best viewed in a web browser.

COVID DISCLAIMER; Many of these contacts are from pre-covid times and may not be reliable so use at your discretion. This disclaimer will be removed after shows pick back up again and the contacts can be verified. 

Here's a bonus rolodex from our friend Sarah Golley on the East Coast!

CT Original Musicians-Master List:

Created by Sarah Golley

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